About Lauren Alexis Klein, Esq., LL.M.

Hi, I’m Lauren.

And I’m SO happy you’re here.

I’m a lawyer, entrepreneur, mindset coach, mama and wife living in the Sunshine State.

My passion is to help dynamic, ambitious and high achieving law students and lawyers live their absolute best lives, achieve their big goals and dreams, make a ton of money, learn to manage stress, anxiety and imposter syndrome, excel in their careers and personal relationships, navigate the patriarchal nature of the legal industry, and find the beauty, ease and adventure of a life well-lived.

I began my law school journey in 2009 and I was absolutely terrified and stressed out. I was the first person in my family to become a lawyer – I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and that I absolutely did not belong in law school. I had no faith in myself or my abilities, and, frankly, the law school environment, with its Socratic method, elitist and competitive vibes and its unique way of just throwing you right into the deep end seemingly without a life raft, threw me for a fucking loop. I was certain at any second someone would realize that I didn’t belong and that they would just kick me out. It was imposter syndrome central. I was also balancing the idea of the massive student debt that I was incurring and I was petrified that I would lose my scholarship and the (already large) debt would snowball even more. 

I panicked and stressed over finals, being called in class, impressing professors, getting a “good” job. I freaked out over ALL of the things. But I pushed through, booked some classes, made some life long friends, found my preferred area of law, studied abroad in Spain, and graduated at the top of my class. It all ended up better than expected, but I was on the struggle bus more often than not and I was definitely not mentally, emotionally or spiritually equipped to go through the law school experience. I think back to what I know now about life, mindset, mental health, life coaching, etc. and so wish that I had access to all of these life altering tools that could have made my law school experience more enjoyable, skyrocketed my confidence and enabled me to achieve even better grades and class ranking.

My struggle bus/stressed out way of life continued into my lawyer life. I was miserable, overworked, underpaid, overwhelmed. I constantly canceled on friends and loved ones to work. I thought I never had “enough” time. I had no peace of mind. I accepted jobs that did not pay enough because I did not think I was worthy of more. I tolerated treatment from partners and other colleagues that was unacceptable. I constantly stressed about my law school debt, my salary and how to properly invest. I worried I would need to work my entire life with no end in sight.

I was surrounded by people who were very negative, stressed out and didn’t even seem to like their careers. No matter how much money they made it never seemed like enough or that it even made them happy.

However, 3 years into my lawyer journey, I decided that things really had to change or I was going to burn out and quit the practice of law altogether. Now, there is nothing wrong with changing our minds and shifting gears, but I wanted to be a lawyer. I just wanted to it differently. I wanted to be happy, at peace, while also hitting my big goals and not taking shit. I wanted to take charge of my life and do things my own way.

I started to work on my mindset, listening to podcasts from amazing life coaches, reading books on personal development, spirituality and how our brains work, studying personal finance, investing, and money mindset. I got a therapist. I started following other lawyers who were following their dreams, thinking outside of the box, and finding peace and joy in their daily lives. I meditated.  

Then the craziest thing happened (it doesn’t seem crazy now, but at the time I was flabbergasted): I was offered a job in Biglaw, with the largest private wealth group in the country. Ok, now I really needed to work on my confidence and mindset or I was getting to get eaten alive. I realized I had to work on my shit fast, or I would have major issues with being successful in this type of corporate environment. 

So I dove even further into this new way of thinking, created a morning routine that included daily meditation and moving my body, listened to podcast after podcast from life coaches, read every book about mindset, money, etc. that I could get my hands on. 

And, guess what, it actually started to work! My confidence sky-rocketed, my relationships and my work product improved, I learned to manage my stress and anxiety, my salary tripled and my husband and I started investing in real estate + stock market and even started a couple of successful businesses together. We have surpassed a million dollars in net worth and there is no stopping us. It was like I had unlocked this big secret – working on my mindset and approaching life differently was making me a better lawyer, a better human. I still had struggles (and I still do – I am human) but the more I learned about the way that my brain worked, my life was inevitably filled with much more ease, career success and joy. 

Then my husband and I decided to have 2 babies in 2 years during a global pandemic and all of the tools that I learned became even more vital. I became a life coach. I created an epic program for law students called The Wealthy Future Lawyer $quad + Law School Blueprint {For Her} – an online coaching program for women law students to take their law school journey to the next level. And then, after 10 years of law practice, 5 of which were in Biglaw, I decided to start my own law firm, Flourish Law Group, in 2023!

I tell you all of this to show you what is possible for YOU. I am living proof that working on your mindset, understanding your own brain, believing in yourself and taking massive action in the pursuit of your dream life can lead to some pretty wild, life-changing results.

Again, I am so glad you are here and I so happy to support you on your journey.

Much love!


My goal is to share the lessons I have learned along the way and to show you what is possible for YOU!

And while my personal journey is far from being over (because, spoiler alert, the journey is the WHOLE POINT), my goal is to share the lessons I have learned along the way by creating a space where you can access the tools and advice that I have learned (and continue to learn) to make this life absolutely freaking amazing. Because that’s how life should be!!! Not just for me, not just for her, but for YOU.

I am talking about living a life that you are excited to jump out of bed every morning for, having a bank and brokerage account balance that makes you want to dance around your bedroom in your cutest undies ala Cameron Diaz in Charlies’ Angels, and creating a mindset and body that propels you to the level of success that you desire. I am talking about less “busy,” and more intentional living, less stress and worry, and more joy, fun and happiness, less “I can’t” and more “hell yes, I can and I will.”

So if you are as obsessed as me with living your BEST life possible, then welcome to your new home! So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and let’s take this amazing journey together to create your dream life.

XOXO, Lauren K

It's your dream, your journey in the law. Let's make it happen.

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