Introducing a brand new success membership and coaching program, community and resource vault for new lawyers. First cohort launches on July 12, 2024. Join now with early bird pricing!

New lawyers, as you embark on the transition from law school to law practice and navigate those first crucial years, you can learn how to manage your stress, gain tons of confidence, learn the tools to become a wealthy lawyers, shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, overcome imposter syndrome and pave your way to a legal (or other) career of your dreams.

are you...

A new attorney who is feeling completely lost on how to navigate the wold of law practice?

Are struggling to find your footing as a new attorney and don't know where to turn to for advice or guidance?
Are you seeking a community of other new lawyers so you can not feel so alone, overwhelmed and anxious?

If so, then you need the Wealthy Lawyer $quad + The Lawyer Success Blueprint. Join the first cohort starting on July 12, 2024!

The Wealthy Lawyer $quad is a coaching program and community designed exclusively for law students and new attorneys who are ready to up their mental and financial game as they get ready for their legal career. The Lawyer Success Blueprint, is a mindset and success coaching program exclusively for new lawyers that combines personal financial + abundance with mindset and success coaching to help you reach all of your money and lawyer goals. The Lawyer Success Blueprint is all about learning how to successfully embark on your new lawyer journey by learning the tools to succeed as an attorney, including mindset work, practical tools for navigating law practice, and money mindset tips for becoming a wealthy lawyer.

I am here to teach you how to become a wealthy lawyer AND to overcome the fear and anxiety that arise as a new attorney, say buh-bye to imposter syndrome, define who you want to be in your law practice, dive deep into foundational mindset practices that will help insulate you from the negative chatter you will inevitably encounter in the legal field, overcome social conditioning that gets in the way of us believing we are worthy of our big goals, and transform the critical thoughts that lean to stress and undermine your happiness.

It’s mindset tools and techniques derived from personal finance, psychology, life coaching, NLP, and a bit of the woo, specifically tailored for new attorneys.

It’s a way to super-charge your abundance and your brain as begin your legal career.

Lifetime access to the Lawyer Success Blueprint, an on-demand coaching program, PLUS One Year of Access to the $quad

A one-of-a kind success coaching program curated for law students who are ready to conquer law school while setting themselves for a balanced, joyful and wealthy future lawyer career, and the community that you need to be your best lawyer self. Learn the tools for success they don’t teach you in law school OR in law firms.

Lifetime access to the Law School Success Blueprint, an on-demand coaching program, PLUS One Year of Access to the $quad

A one-of-a kind success coaching program curated for law students who are ready to conquer law school while setting themselves for a balanced, joyful and wealthy future lawyer career, and the community that you need to be your best future lawyers self.

The $quad: Facebook Group

Using the private Wealthy Lawyer $quad Facebook group, I’ll provide ongoing 1:1 and group support in between our meetings. You can message me either privately or add it to the group discussion. This is where I’ll also share remainders, links and additional content.

The $quad: Monthly Yoga Classes

One year of Join your fellow $quad members for a monthly yoga session with Aman Costigan, founder of Beyond Yoga for Lawyers and attorney. In her practice, Aman curates group yoga classes designed for law students and lawyers. This portion of the $quad alone has a $500 value!

The $quad: Access Virtual Events with Lauren and Other Thought Leaders

Join your fellow $quad members for exclusive virtual events with Lauren and other thought leaders in the legal industry. This is your chance to learn from those who are experts in their fields, the mental wellness and personal finance spaces, and inspiring figures.

The $quad: Discounts on Events and Future Retreats

Gain exclusive discounts to events and retreats. Surround yourself with leaders and build your network!

The Wealthy Lawyer $quad and The Lawyer Success Blueprint give you all the tools in your toolbox to...

Let's link arms and transform you into a successful and wealthy lawyer.

My mission is to share these tools with you! I want to help you overcome your obstacles + help you create the lawyer experience of your dreams.

I take the tools and techniques I have learned as a law student, a lawyer, a life coach, a major personal development junkie and an entrepreneur with several businesses and help you apply them to your own journey.

It’s the community that you did not even know you needed!

You already know you’re smart, capable and a go-getter. I mean, you are a new lawyer (congratulations!). BUT, why are you feeling like you are an imposter? Why are you always stressed? Why do you keep snapping at family + friends? Why do you have major doubts about your next steps and how to navigate your new life as a lawyer? Why does your law school debt keep you up at night?

You are not alone. You are not crazy.


My story...

I have dealt with all the bullshit that goes on in our minds while in law school and when entering the legal profession. I was pursuing an undergraduate degree in finance and interning for one of the largest wealth advisory firms in the United States, but then the economy completely crashed. So, I pivoted and applied to law school. I always thought I may want to be a lawyer and I figured that having a law degree would help me no matter what I decided to do in life. I was the first person in my family to attend law school and I felt so alone, scared and lost.

But, I charged ahead and I graduated in the top of my class, went to a top school for my LL.M. in Taxation and started my career at the Big 4 in a fancy downtown Miami building. But I felt terrible. Like shaking in my heels. I was ready for someone to realize that I was a nobody and did not belong. I was incredibly anxious if I thought my law professor or boss was not pleased with me. I took lower salaries than I deserved because I did not think I was worthy of more. I put up with some fairly abusive treatment from one law firm partner and had no idea what to do about it. I worked really, really, really hard but never felt like I could get ahead.

But then something happened. Three years into practicing law, I was offered a job at a prestigious law firm with the top private wealth practice in the country. Cue like major imposter syndrome. I was now playing in the major leagues and I was scared shitless. It seemed like everyone around me had already been in Big Law for years and they were so much better than me.

So what did I do? I started listening to every personal development podcast and read everyone personal development book I could get my hands on. I started to observe and model other lawyers who were focused on being happy in law and living their life on their own terms. I started to wake up earlier and meditate. I got a therapist. And I discovered life coaching. I learned tools and techniques to shift my mindset out of fear and stress and into confidence and positivity. I started to understand how to love myself and not just when things went well, but all of the time. I started to advocate for myself more and I became a much, much better lawyer. 

Wanna know all of the details? This is so major, let me tell you.

What's included?

Ready to enroll in The Wealthy Lawyer $quad + The Lawyer Success Blueprint? Of course you are!

Join the first cohort starting on July 12, 2024!

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