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Wealthy Lawyer $quad.

A one-of-a-kind community for law students and new lawyers who are ready to level up, build a dream career and find massive success.

I'm Lauren Klein and I am former Biglaw attorney turned law firm owner and success coach for law students and new lawyers who want to:

- find success in their legal journey
- gain the tools needed to thrive in law
- create their dream careers
-take control of their mental wellbeing
- network with powerful industry leaders
- build massive wealth and legacy along the way

If you're ready to thrive in your law school experience + future career and start your journey to become a successful, happy law student or new lawyer, then you are in the right place!

The legal industry has failed us in so many ways. Our mental health statistics are abysmal, and our physical health isn't much better. Only 5-10% of lawyers are millionaires despite having the capacity to be high earners and investors. Law schools and law firms often play "hide the ball" on how to be successful and thrive in their environments. We are more stressed and anxious then ever.

In the $quad, we are here to change all of this.

I am a firm believer that the journey through law school and law practice does NOT need to be a time of constant misery, stress and suffering. We don't have to accept the status quo and be mentally unwell to succeed in the law. We don't have to be over-spenders and only trade our time for money. We can easily be millionaires, if we have the right tools and mindset.

It took me years to realize this. I was overworked, underpaid, constantly anxious, felt like a total imposter, I worked harder but not always smarter, was drowning in my student debt, dreaded finals and getting called on in class, consistently undersold myself and I did not think I was worthy of having big goals and dreams.

Can you relate?

I decided that type of life wasn't going to work for me. I would burn out and quit law altogether if things didn't change.
And fast.


I spent hundreds of hours being trained as a mindset coach, working with my own coaches and therapist, reading books and listening to podcasts on self-development, personal finance and real estate investing, money mindset, spirituality, and psychology, and developing my own tools, tips and practices that I use in my daily life to…

  • launch my own law firm!
  • get a highly coveted job in the largest private wealth practice in the U.S.
  • start multiple successful businesses while practicing law full time
  • invest in real estate
  • earn passive income from multiple sources
  • raise 2 little boys with the love of my life
  • learn how to design and create my dream life filled with beauty, fun, adventure and freedom

To my absolute surprise, the more I worked on my mindset, the more successful I became in my legal career, the more money I made and, even more importantly, the more abundant, empowered and happy I became.

My mindset work was so successful that I decided to become a coach and share this work with others.

And, so, The Wealthy Lawyer $quad, a virtual mastermind experience exclusively for law students and new lawyers, was born!

I want to share with YOU the tools, knowledge and practices that I have learned over the past 15 years in the legal industry, both as a law student and a lawyer, and now also as a success coach exclusively for law students and new lawyers so you can learn how to:


- increase confidence
- reduce stress
- overcome imposter syndrome
- better understand your brain
- improve grades and class rank
- get your dream job and/or start your dream business
- build wealth and
- THRIVE in the legal industry

The Wealthy Lawyer $quad {a mastermind group exclusively for law students and new lawyers} is all about learning a new way to approach law school and your law career by better leaning the tools and steps to becoming an abundant and wealthy lawyer + understanding the law school process, early law practice and your own brain during these unique periods in your legal career. 

There are two components: 

(1) a coaching program tailored for either law students or new lawyers, along with group coaching.

(2) the $quad, which features monthly yoga with a lawyer/yoga teacher, virtual happy hours and events with Lauren Klein, guest appearances from thought leaders in the legal industry, discounts on events, and unparalleled networking.

The $quad teaches you how to become a wealthy lawyer and how to overcome the fear and anxiety that arise during law school, say buh-bye to imposter syndrome, define who you want to be in law school and beyond, dive deep into foundational mindset practices that will help insulate you from the negative chatter you will inevitably encounter in law school and in your law career, overcome social conditioning that gets in the way of us believing we are worthy of our big goals, and transform the critical thoughts that lean to stress and undermine your happiness.

It’s personal finance and mindset tools and techniques derived from psychology, life coaching, NLP, and a bit of the woo, specifically tailored for the law school experience.

It’s a community designed to help you excel and succeed in your lawyer journey.

It’s a way to super-charge your wealthy future lawyer self and to retrain your brain during law school and up-level your whole damn life.
It’s the key to understanding your brain and how to overcome common struggles during law school so that you can enter your law career (or any other career path you choose) with all the tools in your toolbox to:
  • Overcome imposter syndrome, anxiety and people-pleasing.
  • Learn to advocate for yourself, speak up more, negotiate more, stop playing it small and become more empowered in your law school and lawyer career, as well as in life in general.
  • Design your dream law school and life experience.
  • Redefine your relationship with law school debt, money and your own wealth.
  • Understand time management and stop procrastinating.
  • Deep dive into personal finance and the secrets to building incredible wealth while still in law school and early in your career.
  • Learn about passive income, planning for your future lawyer career, networking efficiently and forming a community with other woman future lawyers.
  • Learn from successful lawyers and other professionals who will supercharge your future success.
  • And. So. Much. More.
It’s the COMMUNITY that you did not even know you needed. The community I would have loved to be apart of when I was in law school!

You already know you’re smart, capable and a go-getter. I am, duh, you are in law school (or about to be in law school).

BUT, why are you feeling like you are an imposter? Why are you always stressed? Why do you keep snapping at family + friends? Why do you have major doubts about your next steps? Why does your law school debt keep you up at night?

You are not alone. You are not crazy. In fact, this is an ever increasing problem in law schools across the world


See what law students who have experienced The Law School Success Blueprint are saying...

"The Law School Blueprint was incredible. Having the opportunity to go through the program before law school is something I can't recommend enough. It changed the way I think about law school--everyone I know that went to law school has a certain stereotypically negative attitude about the process and even work-life balance afterward. What I learned in the LSB majorly changed the confidence I have in myself, reduced self-doubt, and left me feeling empowered to create my own, positive, law school experience, protect and nurture my own mental health, and ultimately leave the law school stereotypes in the dust."
Pre-Law Student
"My favorite section of the LSB was definitely the money section. I think having realistic conversations about what kind of money is out there after law school is important. Having avoided debt my entire undergraduate experience, it was nice to hear that there can be value in taking out loans and that it doesn't define you. I definitely could see myself living TOO cheaply because I felt guilty about loans. So now, I understand that I deserve to spend money on myself (invest in myself) and don't have to beat myself up over the possibility of taking out loans."
Pre-Law Student
" The Law School Blueprint is a great way to meet other like-minded law people. The program is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and try new ways to express yourself and learn about yourself! I enjoyed my experience immensely. I especially enjoyed the module on self-confidence because we all want to be that but getting there is NOT easy!"
"I had a great experience with the Law School Blueprint. It taught me a lot of great tools such as how to manage my time better which is vital in law school. Overall, the lessons you taught us were very helpful and I am sure I will continue to use them throughout my career. Thank you!"
One of my favorite parts of the Law School Blueprint was getting to chat In the group text with each other! I think the money talk impacted me the most because now I feel so much differently about my debt."

I’m Lauren Alexis Klein, Esq., LL.M., attorney, life coach + entrepreneur.

I help women harness their power + reach new levels of success around school, career, family, lifestyle and beyond.

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